Organizations are increasingly employing blockchain technologies to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and lessen risks. At Credex, we perform research and development on diverse blockchain platforms and help our partners revolutionize their business in this niche and path-breaking technology.

Blockchain technology has multiple advantages over traditional databases, including more security, less complexity and improved scalability – all without sacrificing data integrity, which enables you to create entirely new, higher value business models.

Credex Travel Solution

In this age of digitalization, more and more people are turning to the internet for their needs. Credex is proud to present FlightSure, a highly effective travel solution that sets out to solve one of the biggest pain points in this industry.

What is FlightSure?

  • FlightSure is an innovative flight delay claim system developed exclusively by Credex.
  • FlightSure helps customers to receive delay claims from airlines in a hassle-free process, thereby improving customer experience as well as the airline’s brand image.
  • FlightSure employs hyperledger blockchain technology to act as an independent trusted platform between airline & customer.
  • FlightSure tracks factors like flight delay, process settlement etc, enabling customers to receive the claim amount directly in their wallet/bank account without any tedious paperwork or lengthy follow-ups.
  • Unlike traditional methods where airline companies are in charge of doling out compensation, our blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are transparent and safe. Data is encrypted and stored on a public distributed ledger so it can’t be tampered with.