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Introducing Credex Budget Pro (CBP) - our SaaS based Enterprise-Ready Next-Gen Budgeting & Forecasting Platform for multifamily housing that is designed to streamline how you manage budgets and forecasts with a new era of seamless collaboration, enhanced accuracy and unparalleled insights!

CBP enables frictionless collaboration allowing community managers and operations executives to easily manage their data, and revenue analyst & leadership team to get 360 degree view of your entire multifamily portfolio. It help forward looking organizations save more time, improve accuracy, optimize variances and maximize their NOI.

Seamlessly collaborate between revenue and community teams to ensure accurate forecasting.

Enable unrestrictive team collaboration without limiting the users & roles.

Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same community.

Setup budget drivers such as, move-in move-outs, retention percentage, lease-term expirations, occupancy and many more, to derive income & expense data granularly & efficiently.

Create multiple forecast scenarios and select the finalized scenario for upload into the financial system.

Analyze trends and delve into financial data for deeper insights with dashboard reporting, analyzing variances in Budget, Forecast, and previous year actuals at various levels.
Drill down at funds, region, and individual community levels.

Get answers to your key questions with a click of a button.

Define guardrails and data validation at income and expense headers as per the defined goals/objectives at the top.

Receive real-time updates and notifications for newly assigned tasks.

Historical record for each activity to track user actions across platform.

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"With Credex Budget Pro (CBP), managing the budgeting and forecasting processes for our large portfolio of multifamily housing units has been significantly streamlined. The platform's user-friendly interface, seamless collaboration, and smart features have allowed us to achieve reduction in effort & time for budgeting. Additionally, with its advanced dashboard, we've gained invaluable insights that drive our strategic decision-making processes."

VP Revenue
Leading multifamily housing firm