Credex Budget Pro: Digitize, Control & Optimize Budget & Forecast Management for Multifamily Housing

AI, Data & Technology Confluence Trifecta Is Transforming Community Revenue Performance For Multi-family Rental Housing Property

Welcome to CredexTechnology, where we empower your revenue and community teams with cutting-edge solutions tailored for the dynamic needs of multi-family rental housing properties. Our platform is designed to foster collaboration, streamline processes, and drive operational excellence. Let us take you through the key features and benefits of our solution

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At CredexTechnology, we are committed to accelerating your transformation journey and helping you achieve operational excellence in the multi-family rental housing sector. Let us partner with you to unlock the full potential of your property management processes.

Seamlessly collaborate between revenue and community teams to ensure accurate forecasting.

Populate financial and operational data from various sources including financial systems and Excel sheet reports.

Input forecast data for income, expense, and property at a granular level, enabling precise scenario building.

Create multiple forecast scenarios and select the finalized scenario for upload into the financial system.

Rule-based input data validation to minimize errors and forecast anomalies.

Analyze trends and delve into financial data for deeper insights with dashboard reporting, analyzing variances in Budget, Forecast, and previous year actuals at various levels.
Drill down at funds, region, and individual community levels

Unified Solution Platform Build To-Scale​

User friendly UI/UX


Advance Analytics & Reporting

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration Through API, Batch files


Role-based Access & Data Visibility


Swift Implementation and Onboarding, Get started in weeks*

Value of Money

Value for Money, clear pricing tiers with No hidden fees


GenAI Enabled Assistant to get insights

Customer Support

Unparalleled Customer Support

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