Why Organization Should Go With Cloud Platforms For Custom Application Development

By Nikhil Mathur

Senior Director

The cloud platform-based software as service (SaaS) applications are empowering businesses in a variety of functions such as customer resource management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), eCommerce, and business process horizontal & industry vertical solutions. These SaaS applications run in the cloud & are accessible through web interfaces as well as through desktops & mobile applications. According to global research firm Statista, the SaaS market is expected to be ~ USD 232 billion in 2024.
The custom-built applications on the cloud platforms enable organizations to leverage AI & ML-based advanced features, optimize available resources, and meet the unique needs of their organizations, resulting in less development time, lower cost of ownership, higher ROI on existing investments, and competitive advantage. When compared to traditional development approaches, using the cloud for bespoke application development has shown to be superior. Verizon Enterprise Solutions sponsored research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows the connection between the use of cloud computing and increased business agility and competitive advantage where 77% of businesses feel cloud technology provides a competitive advantage.

#1 Agility, Rollout Velocity & Cost

“Speed is the new currency of business,” said Marc Benioff, Founder, and CEO of Salesforce, during a panel discussion on innovation at the World Economic Forum in Davos. In the post-pandemic digital age, velocity is the most critical business mandate. In this regard, technology can help businesses by leveraging the cloud platforms to be agile & deliver industry-specific solutions.  The model-driven visual development environment which is provided by these cloud platforms allows many different methods such as pre-built/prescribed templates and drag-and-drop components to design and develop end-to-end applications and processes in lesser development time, short & frequent releases & lower cost. This helps to reduce the time to market the innovation, faster response to change management & enhance the omnichannel customer experience in a cost-effective manner. Gartner predicts that “by 2024, low code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”


#2 Meet Compliance & Reduce Risk
The cloud platform uses advanced technology features such as AI-ML, encryption, tokenization, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to address industry mandates & legal requirements associated with CCPA and GDPR for protecting data in SaaS cloud applications. Leveraging cloud platform to custom-build SaaS cloud applications helps companies to eliminate the data compliance risk preserving trust, reputation, safety, and data integrity even if the internal data management team is small. According to global managed cloud services provider RapidScale, a Cox Business company, 94% of businesses saw improvement in privacy and security after switching on to the cloud and 91% claimed it is easier to meet government compliance requirements.
#3 Leverage Available Features, Data & Development Skills

The cloud platform natively makes every custom app mobile-friendly & optimizes mobility benefits. It provides easy-to-use and regularly updated features of advanced embedded AI & ML, a model-driven visual development environment, a rich set of drag-and-drop graphical tools, visual design components, process flow designers, and pre-built/prescribed templates. The cloud platform-based development gives complete control over available resources. The custom build apps can extend enterprise platform data (such as CRM, HRMS, ITSM, ERP) as well as seamless integration with enterprise ecosystem & third-party apps using pre-built connectors. The built-in DevOps tools enable us to continuously integrate and deliver at any scale. The cloud platform also brings custom app development within reach even for small & mid-sized businesses. Furthermore, the cloud platform development skills may be available inside the internal teams or development partners such as Credex technology with proven expertise & experience can be leveraged, leading to a preference for building apps on the platform as well as an increase in the development productivity. Increased technical assistance from the internal technical team as well as the cloud platform team resulting in greater reliability.


#4 Flexibility, Scalability & Performance

The cloud-based applications with improved reaction time help any business to meet the demand of an ever-changing market. In a traditional model, the scaling is always expensive, often wasteful, and sometimes inadequate. As the organization grows in transactions, data & users the custom build application can be auto scaled to adapt quickly & inexpensively and is capable of handling sudden surges in data volume therefore bringing great flexibility without any compromise on the performance. Typically, there is no additional charge for this in-built scaling feature & organizations only pay when used.


#5 Meet Organization Unique Requirements
Most of the standard industry solutions provide a host of configuration & customization flexibility but are often inadequate to meet all unique requirements such as omnichannel user experience which businesses need for its success. According to Gartner, 50% of large organizations will have failed to unify engagement channels, resulting in a disjointed and siloed customer experience that lacks context. The custom app will bring the same user interface (UI) & user experience (UX) of the existing cloud platform used in the organization, thereby giving a contextual & connected experience as well as achieving brand image consistency. Additionally, with custom apps, the organization keeps its own intellectual property safe and is able to enhance & update as needed.

Custom apps are a great way to grow the value of your cloud platform investment & creating them is fast as well as easy.
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